Friday, 1 July 2011

Up n down

My only excuse for not blogging regularly is that I've been rushed off my feet with all the voluntary stuff I do but rest assured I have been training regularly.  Now the school holidays are upon us I should have more time (although there is a wee race I'm organising on July 10th!!) 

I'd love to say training is going well but that's not quite true.  I'm really struggling with motivation and my lack of progress especially in running and swimming.  One great run is swiftly followed by 3 crap ones.  One good gym session is quickly followed by one that ends with me in tears at not being able to do something.  I cannot get my head round the whole PMA thing.  I want to run faster and longer so what stops me?  My head and my body are just not talking to each other. 

Clark tells me I'm too negative.  I tell myself I can't run up the hill so I don't.  Self fulfilling prophesy and all that.  I want to run up the hill so why can't I??  All suggestions gratefully received.

I know that having the right kit doesn't make you a better runner/cyclist/swimmer but I picked up my new pair of Addidas prescription sunglasses this morning.  They are worth every penny (thank goodness I like beans on toast!!)  Being able to see properly while cycling makes a huge difference.  I was very brave this morning and started my cycle from the house (I live on a blind bend at the top of a hill that is notorious for accidents!!)  I did a 12.5 mile loop in 67 mins. The last mile was uphill and nearly killed me. But I did it!

See, I'm ending on a positive note!  Although I've not managed to do much this afternoon except potter about the kitchen.  Well, we're officially on holiday now.  Just need some sunshine :-)


  1. Thing is Ali progress is definitely not linear. You'll find progress will trend upwards but it's a spiky graph full of ups and downs. You just have to accept that is the case and be patient. Summer can be hard for training too. I much prefer it when it's cooler and definitely work harder in spring and autumn.
    As for running up the hill, all you have to do is make one determined, lung busting effort to get to the top. When you've done it once all you need do in future is remind yourself you've done it once therefore you can do it again. I consider it a matter of pride that if I've run a hill once I will never be beaten by that hill again, ever!
    Glad you're braving the local roads, you'll soon get used to it. We've got some superb local routes.

  2. Thanks Bob. Progress is mostly definitely not linear but I expected that once a target was reached I could maintain that standard. That's the bit that's baffling me.

  3. And you're trying to improve in three different sports at the same time. On the bad days try to remind yourself how far you've come. Without the bad sessions, the good ones wouldn't feel so good.


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