Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Crieff 10k

280 starters made this year's Crieff 10k our biggest for a few years and certainly the biggest field in my time as organiser.  Like all events there were a few glitches but the event passed without major drama.  Although my name is on the permit, like all these races there is a huge team behind the scenes making sure everything possible is done to make it a good race for everyone concerned.  Huge big thanks to my fellow Strathearn Harriers for making it a successful day!

For the first time we had a junior race, a mile round the hockey playing field.  It was open to our own juniors and we invited kids from the local schools.  Gordy finished in a time of 6 min 59 secs.  Just think what he could do with a bit more training! 

My own training is continuing in the manner to which I've become accustomed ie all over the bloody place!!  Monday's run started well but I literally ground to a halt and had to walk back to the house.  On reflection I know why.  I hadn't slept well on the Saturday night (understandably), I'd been up since 5am, I didn't eat breakfast before leaving the house at 7am and forgot to eat/drink until the race was over.  Then later was too tired and emotionally drained to eat more than half a pizza. So basically no fuel in the tank on Monday morning.  Lesson learned despite the mitigating circumstances!!

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  1. Glad to hear the race went well Ali - well done! x


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