Sunday, 17 July 2011

Clyde Stride

There aren't many things or people that can get me up at silly o'clock on a Saturday morning especially after the week I've just had!!  But my friend Lee is one of them. There are no words to describe what she has done for me so when she asked me to be her wingman during her race the Clyde Stride, I didn't even think about it.  I didn't even ask what she wanted me to do.  I just promised her I'd be there on the day.

And what a day it was.  It was fantastic to meet up with lots of old friends running or helping and lots of new ones too.  We rode in a white van delivering drop bags and water to checkpoints.  I told her when to eat and she told me when to put up more signs.  We righted the world (obviously!!) We picked up an injured passenger (Mark, who was lovely) and we arrived at the finish in plenty of time delivering the finishers' bags.  Mighty fine day oot!

In the absence of my personal torturer, this week's training has been haphazard to say the least. But a timely abusive text convinced me to go out a stress busting run on Friday night instead of reaching for a glass of wine. I've never been out a run where it was almost dark on my return!

Yet more 'encouragement' today saw me out a run this afternoon.  I'm starting to think that a run of  4 or 5 miles is now just a 'wee run.' How did that happen?? Need to start upping the mileage as the half marathon gets closer and closer.  I'm also upping my cycling mileage this week.  I've been given a wee gadget thing for Delilah that measures heart rate, mileage, calories and probably gives me my daily horoscope as well!  Looks like I'm taking all this rather seriously, doesn't it? 


  1. Half marathon?? Which one?

  2. Sorry I didn't see more of you yesterday! My heart was there, and I'll be helping out more properly next year. Glad to see you haven't totally given up on the WHW Family - of whom you are one of the leading lights!

  3. Debs, doing Glasgow which is in 7 weeks!!

    Muriel, I'll never give up on my WHW family. I'm just stepping back from some of the events. Great to see you yesterday :-)

  4. If you ever want company for a half give us a shout n I'll try to keep up wi' you.
    Ya can choose yer friends but ya cannae choose yer family. Will you be at the Devil? I'm due a hug and if you're not there I use the same interest rate as loan sharks! I'll be due a big one!

  5. Might just take you up on that offer Fi! I won't be at the Devil as I'll be at Boot Camp so looks like it will be a mega hug by the time I see you!


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