Monday, 25 July 2011

5x5 relay

I was brave and took part in our club's 5x5 relay on Saturday.  This event was created a couple of years ago to celebrate our 25th year.  Basically teams of 5 run a leg of approx 5 miles around Crieff and Comrie.  Each leg is very different (road, trail or hill) so it suits all kinds of runners. 

My team were The Royal Family headed by Queen Elizabeth herself!  Thanks to Kirsty who made our fab team t shirts and gave us our titles.  I'm Duchess of the Turret since my leg was running downhill from Turret Dam into Crieff. I like running down the hill!!

 It looks like I'm all alone up there but everyone else was in front of me!  Note the Sharon-esque leg pose ;-)

Phil came storming in over the hill to hand over to me in 2nd place.  I think this photo might end up in a club caption competition!!!

The relay is designed to be a fun event.  The runners fall into 2 camps.  Those who take it all very seriously and work out team tactics and those who don't (me n Charlie!) But I surprised myself.  When 3rd place Charlie caught up with me and passed me I was quite disappointed.  I really wanted to hold my 2nd place for the team.  So it was with some glee I saw that he was struggling so I pushed on and we kinda ran together for a while.  When we hit the flat I pushed on again and he couldn't keep up.  I knew he wouldn't catch me so I kept going.  I really thought I'd hold my 2nd place.

So I was quite scunnered when Colin came flying past me with about half a mile to go. He might joke that he's an Old Git (it's on the back of his hoodie!) but he's a good runner so I took comfort in only losing one place before handing over to Her Majesty who ran the final leg which is the 10k route.

It's the first time I've taken part in the event and I loved it.  And I've found there is a wee competitive streak in me! Maybe next year I'll run an uphill leg!

(photos by Liz Mestecky)

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