Monday, 23 January 2012

To sleep, perchance to dream.......

Aye, chance would be a fine thing!! (with apologies to Hamlet) Right now sleep is proving an elusive activity so any dreaming is really day dreaming.  I suspect it's the lack of physical sweat inducing activity.  You know, that satisfying knackered feeling after a run or cycle that generally guarantees a decent night's sleep. My back is constantly sore and I'm actually getting my knee looked at medically. Hey ho, just a stumble but the goal is still the same. 

On the academic front I'm still aiming to get this flipping degree finished.  I had to drop out from the music course last year cos I fell behind when I was ill.  Luckily the OU let you transfer credit to the following year.  Unluckily, the music course is no longer running so I've opted for a course on Shakespeare.  Gulp!! It starts next week and lasts until October. Six essays and an exam at the end.  Double gulp!!!

And just to keep things interesting at the same time I've started a counselling skills course.  Four modules, one day a week over a year then hopefully onto the 2 year diploma course to become a qualified counsellor.  Not so much a case of day dreaming but planning for the future and a career change by the time Gordy leaves school.

Dreams, goals, plans.  Doesn't matter what we call them, as long as we have them.

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