Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Holes, schmoles!

Once upon a lifetime ago, I was responsible for laundering more mucky running gear than I currently do (although I now do cycling, swimming, rugby and TKD gear as well). I confess I may have been a teeny bit critical of the state some of that running kit was in and may have on occasion vigorously encouraged the owner to part with some of that clothing.  I might even have quietly disposed of some items on my own initiative.  Longer term blog readers will remember me posting pictures of said manky items and really old friends will remember the infamous London Marathon t-shirt incident in the 90s ;-)

So, here's the thing.  I get it now.  The above photo is my favourite winter running top with a couple of rips in the sleeve (I was climbing over a barbed wire fence, as you do)  The old me may have decided it was no longer wearable and recycled it.  But I love that top.  It's got a fine fleecy inner layer, extra long sleeves with thumb hole and it has pink piping in all the right places that makes me feel more svelte than I am.  So I'm still gonna wear it, with holes.  And my favourite leggings with the burst waist elastic!

But then I realised that's not all I can't part with.  I've got a few pairs of running shoes that I can't throw out either.  Once they're not good enough to run in they become dog walking trainers.  Once they're beyond that they become gardening trainers. 

And I've just realised I have categories for my pants..............


  1. Are the barbed wire tears, and split seams, and worn out bits 'n pieces, not "badges of honour" to remind you with affection of how such scars were gained? Retail park animals would no doubt look down their noses at what they perceive to be a scruffsome bag lady. But well honed athletes will look at such hallmarks as singling out a hardened comrade in arms. Do not throw out such items of clothing. They are tried 'n trusted friends.

    I'll refrain for now on commenting on your categories of pants...... ;-)


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