Saturday, 6 August 2011

Day 2

I got up in time (just) for a pre breakfast 3 mile run and beach workout.  Stunning location but eaten alive by the dreaded midges!!

Breakfast was followed by a 5 mile trail walk.

Lunch was followed by a 20 mile mountain bike ride on trails, closely followed by an upper body circuit session.

And rounded off with a collapse into the hot tub!!  It was hot and bubbly!!!

I have never done so much exercise in one day.  I discovered a few more things about myself.  I'm a big scaredy cat going downhill on a bike!  I was constantly told to get my hands off the brakes.  And true to form I struggled going uphill as well.  Encouragement in the form of "PEDAL, PEDAL, PEDAL" had little effect on my dead legs. No problem, I got shoved up from behind. And when that wasn't fast enough I was dragged up!!

I discovered that when you run out of energy it means you haven't eaten enough.  Ooops!  Forgot I had stuff in my backpack.

And I fell off. THREE times!  Once into the river, once going up a hill and once at the side of the main road (that one really hurt!)

But I kinda enjoyed (most) of it.  Although I don't half ache all over!

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  1. Well done Ali

    Sounds a great weekend and one that will reap benefits in your training.


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