Wednesday, 1 June 2011

TRX Sux!!

I used to think exercising on a bosu was tough.  Or on those gel discs that resemble Katie Price's boob implants.  But Clark has outdone himself in finding a new instrument of torture called a TRX suspension trainer.  It's evil.  Now I don't mind working hard, I don't mind pain cos I know it's doing me good.  But this level of pain actually woke me up throughout the night as I turned over in my bed.  I winced as I got out of bed this morning.  And I actually cried when I sneezed.  Yes, I know my core is still weak and needs strengthened.  Yes, I know it will benefit my running.  But Clark Hamilton is a bastard!!

Other training news includes me improving my running times over 5k.  Since starting training properly again after whooping cough my breathing has been quite sore so I've deliberately been pushing myself harder that I did previously.  Just to see how it feels.  And I'm so pleased to report that I haven't died yet and I've taken nearly 2 mins off my time over the last fortnight.  Next step is to increase the distance at the same pace.

I've been out on Delilah a few times and my confidence is growing.  Times are slowly coming down as well so need to venture further afield soon.  I'm getting good at putting the bike rack on my Ka which is now called Samson!!!  And I'm learning so much about how to maintain a bike too. 

But I still haven't stepped back into the pool yet :-(

This weekend sees me and my youngest taking part in our running club away weekend.  Me in a tent!! And running on hills with proper runners.  Still wondering how I got talked into that one!!!!

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